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Lifetime Exchange Policy

Alita offers a 100% exchange value for all the products 

1) To avail the exchange value the client needs to make a purchase worth 150% of the product intended to exchange. For example if a client wants to exchange a product that he purchased at $1000, he needs to exchange the product with a new one which is worth minimum 1500 at that time and the client will have to pay the excess $500

2) All products will be subject to quality check by our team to verify that the item is in appropriate condition and the gemstones are not changed

Lifetime Buyback Policy

Alita offers a lifetime buyback at 70% on diamond value and 100% on prevailing gold value.

1) Payment will be released within 30 days of buyback request

2) Products will go through a quality check and any damage to item will have impact on the buyback amount.

3) Making charges wont be returned.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on our products. Our pieces are created to stay and look elegant forever. All our diamonds and jewelry pieces come with a lifetime warranty.

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